Micro Classes

4/5, 6/7, 8/9 Years  •  Intermediate

Micro classes are developmental and non-competitive for intermediate players. Proper soccer techniques are progressively introduced and as kids grow and master various skills, they are introduced to more complex soccer skills. Micro classes are for kids who have played soccer before either in Lil’ Kickers or another program.

  • Micro classes are 50 minutes long (15-20 minutes of instruction; 20-25 minutes of scrimmaging)
  • Teams for scrimmage field a maximum of four players at a time
  • Everyone gets equal playing time
  • No goalies, no score-keeping, no league standings
  • The child/coach ratio for Micro classes is 12:1
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Developmental Milestones at 4-9 Years

  • Peer world is expanding and is more important to them

  • May compare themselves with others

  • May have a strong desire to do things well/right and be upset with failure

  • Find criticism difficult to handle

  • View things in very black and white terms (good or bad, right or wrong)

  • Continue to be self-centered

  • May be preoccupied with rules

  • Though children at these ages aren’t able to think and act as adults do, they do possess skills to understand and follow more complex instruction

  • Need concrete examples (detailed description or actual demonstrations) with instruction

  • Improved problem solving abilities

  • Increased attention span

  • Good sense of balance

  • Fine motor skills are improving

  • Can catch and throw balls (ability improves with age)

  • Enjoys testing muscle strength